Mc Henry / Pittsburgh

Back from a weeks’ jaunt.  First, we went to our nephew’s wedding in Maryland.  The bride and her party, arrived via ski-lift.  How’s that for a grand entry?  The accommodations were exceptional.  The entire family stayed at a quaint resort at  edge of, Deep Creek Lake.  Obviously, the man-made lake was the center of attention in this small town (Mc Henry).  Did the whole speedboat thing.  On water, forty miles an hour felt like seventy miles an hour.  Favorite name of a MD town: Accident.      

P-burgh was clean and scenic.  (My second trip to the Steel City.)   Tackled the seven story, Andy Warhol Museum. It’s the largest museum in the world, devoted to just one artist.  Four hours of ingesting countless forms of his life – childhood photos, degrees, murals,  films, books, miscellaneous objects, T.V. programs, magazines, music…  Learned more about the man and his idols.

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