Arthritis Health Summit

Had a splendid time at The Health Summit in Allentown.  Finally met Dr. Kristen Ingrahm. (The doctor I interviewed in my book.)  What a knowledgable, caring physician!  I was very impressed with her presentation to the attendees. Approximately 100 patients attended the event and I was fortunately to meet with a few, and hear their stories.  A very young, single volunteer from The Arthritis Foundations was present.    Without any commitments of a husband or child, where was she on this beautiful, windy day? Inside a building, sharing her time to help others.   Bravo Katey!  Of course Bettina was there, The Area Manager for the Foundation and flinting around with her pregnant belly, overseeing the project.  (She coordinated the entire event and is an amazingly, wonderful human being.)   Met a pharmacy manager from Walgreens and spoke with two drug reps from Abbott.  The man, I remember clearly from my NeighborCare days as a receptionist.   His partner, an empathetic women who was ready-made for the socialization of the trade.  Lunch was super yummy!  A nice turkey wrap with fresh pineapples. Had to have an extra-large fudge brownie, complete with thick chocolatey icing.

After the event, we took a family jaunt to the pumpkin patch.  Farm animals fed, miniature pony ride completed, slide conquered, apples picked, (after a bumpy ride in a half-sawed off school bus), and pumpkins purchased.  Whew!!  Our yearly trip sponsored by Papa and Linda.

Dr. Kristin Ingrhams Dr. Kristin Inghram

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