Another Place at the Table

Just wrapped up reading the gem,”Another Place at the Table.”  by Kathy Harrison.   The writer dictates the rewarding and unfair facts learned from fostering nearly one hundred children.   Upfront and tastefully done, this book captures the selfless lifestyle of a Massachusetts couple.  They were named Massachusetts, Foster parents of the Year and in 2002, they received the Goldie Foster Award.   In a society that rarely credits, let alone acknowledges the positive impact of foster parents, it’s refreshing that this couple gained recognition.  Her background in early childhood education primed her to springboard, into the role of a foster parent.   (Although many unforseen episodes were not conveniently stated in the mandatory courses taught by the local agency.)  While parenting three biological sons, The Harrisons adopted three of their foster girls.

Overwhelmed with emotion, I honestly had to pull away from the book on a few occasions.   Imagery of pain, abuse and abandonment filled the pages.   Leap frogging from story to story Kathy’s gave just the right amount of substance to simulate a  blindfolded rollercoaster ride of jubilation and gut wrenching fear.

In the end, multiple children benefited from a caring stable environment and three blessed girls found a permanent loving home. Yes Virgina, the modern-day hero does exist.


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