End of Summer Fling

Did the amusement park thing yesterday.  Perfect weather, no crowds and great parking.  Family had a fabulous time.  Went on one of the original rides in the park – The Whip and The Scrambler. ( Can’t even think about hopping on a rollercoaster.  Space Mountain ruined me for life.)  Casually, sought out my favorite gravity ride and couldn’t find it.  Ahhh…maybe next Labor Day weekend.

A Night for Bunko

Tomorrow night is Bunko night.  I am but a substitute participant.  A newcomer.  What is Bunko?  A card game, using dice…I think.  The host is in charge of making a group of 12 dinner.  You just show up and play the game.  This is for the love of my neighbors.  Not for my love of games.   Who knows, I may get a crazed enjoyment out of playing this cutting edge past-time…  It may drive me to draft up a few slogans or bumper stickers.  How about,”I’m bonkers for Bunko!” or “Honk if you’re bonkers for Bunko”?