Bono’s Gift

Identification.  Thoughts that intertwine our minds with those individuals we feel understand us.  At times, Bono speaks to me.  Not audibly, although I align myself with his stance on irradiating global poverty.  When I reflect on his words, they usually meet me at a place of acknowledgement and validation.  Once Bono made the comment in an interview, that he could write a song at any given moment on any given day.  Definition:  Gift discovery.   That flicker of realization as to  why we were individually, placed upon this planet.  Favorite pick for this topic : The Purpose Driven Life by Max Lucado.  Could I weave a tale in an instant?  Isn’t that what most of us can do?  What are my gifts?  Unsure.  I will say that for me, writing it’s a needed release and is one my chosen carriers, in which to support worthy causes. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 12:9, that each unique gift works together for the greater good. ..You miss too much these days if you stop to think.

Plastic-free Salon Hair

Didn’t think it was possible?  Read that it is.

Here’s the ingredients to use BEFORE you wash your hair, for a style only do:

4 pinches of salt

1 1/2 cup of water

4 or 5 metal bobbie pins.

1) Apply salt with water and blend throughout tresses

2) Blow dry for 5 minutes with diffuser.

3) Tease crown of the head and insert bobbie pins at the bottom of the crown.

Prefer to wash first?

1) Wash with Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Castile Soap

2) Break off stem of a aloe vera plant and use a quarter size amount of the gel as a detangler.

3) Blow dry for 5 minutes with a diffuser.

There you have it.  Give it a whirl and weigh in with your comments.

Sweet Talkin’ Ken

Is Barbie boredom setting in at your household this Christmas season?  Maybe it’s a case of too many Barbie dolls and not enough Kens to go around?  Sick of Ken being the strong silent type?  Well, say welcome to Sweet Talkin’ Ken!    Initially, he may appear somewhat plastic, but underneath he’s a charmer.  Sweet Talkin’ Ken says what every little girl, longs to hear…..Whatever they want!   A microphone is built into his chest!  The user can even choose one of three voice tones settings, to hear the playback.  Instant female verbal affirmation, at your fingertips. 

This gift could be purchased for both girls and women alike.   The girls might say one of the following phrases: “Oh, Sarah you’re my best friend forever!”  “I’m going to work now.”, “Let’s get married.”  Women’s take:  “If you lose any more weight, we’ll just have to buy you an entirely new wardrobe from Macy’s”,  “I’m done doing every home improvement project on your list and let me tell you…I had the time of my life!”,  “No, I don’t think Mario Batali’s restaurants are too expensive.  Pick one and we’ll go tonight.”  Think of the possibilities girls…

End of Summer Fling

Did the amusement park thing yesterday.  Perfect weather, no crowds and great parking.  Family had a fabulous time.  Went on one of the original rides in the park – The Whip and The Scrambler. ( Can’t even think about hopping on a rollercoaster.  Space Mountain ruined me for life.)  Casually, sought out my favorite gravity ride and couldn’t find it.  Ahhh…maybe next Labor Day weekend.