Egg Quest

I have read  that regular run of the mill white eggs, come from caged up chickens.  Some of these birds are beakless hens.  Their beaks are callously removed, to prevent the animals from pecking one another. In leu of this information, I take a quick run the market to purchase the “better” brown eggs.  I am feeling healthier every day…..Yes, I am.  Then I read my Rodale update from Facebook,  only to find that, any egg that is not organic, contains trace amounts of mercury. This fact is linked to what the birds eat.  Now I am pondering the  toxins I consumed in my lifetime and counting those to come.  Back to the grocery store in a state of  concern, finally I purchase the cage-free, brown, organic eggs.  Ahhhh…Now, I can safely consume my produce.   Wait, there’s that high cholesterol thing….Yeah,  how to beat that….Hmmm…Just eat the egg whites!  Egg perfection:  Organic, cage-free, brown-egg- derived, egg whites!!  Some may say that this dish may taste like air, but the benefits are worth the sacrifice.  Right?  Truthfully,  tried my best but in the end, I ate my cage-free, brown, organic eggs whole.