Celtic Suffocation

Yes, it’s that time of year that most of us in the Lehigh Valley savor the most…Autum..  And with this season, comes an interesting local event…..The Celtic Classic.   Of course having an interest in all things Irish, I have to go.  Well, after driving around for 30 minutes a parking spot opened.  I said aloud,”Finally!”  However, after inspecting  the red shaded meter, it indicated that the occupant, had a 30 minute time limit.  After pulling out and traveling about for another 15 minutes, a space opened up in nearby lot.   Upon exiting the vehicle, we drifted through a sea of  callous, zombie like faces.  Bumped into and walked on several times , without a single response. ( Goodbye to that good ol’ southern hospitality thing.) Tats, beer and kilts abounded.  Thankfully an ATM was conveniently located close by and the surcharge was a mere $3.95 on the ten spot that was retrieved.  After out 30 minute walk to the center of the festivities, we were ready for a lemonade.  Got the tickets, waited some more in line only to pay ten dollars for three small beverages.  Missed the border collie event.   On to the bands…Yeah, the bands.  Breathing space was that of a gnat and the viewing area for the stage was somewhat limited.  Oh, well at least we could hear the music and see the very top of the stage.  Once I caught a glimpses of someones head…I think.   Cool Celtic jewelry stands sprinkled, the sometimes grassy landscape.  The  Historical Society of Bethlehem gave mini tours by Donnegal’s Square, as kilt wearing post- punkers gleaned their leather and multiple, silver body piercings.    Time for games…No not one.  After hearing cries for home and wanting deeply to escape this completely suffocating environment, we hiked back to the car.  Fruitless yet, fun in a twisted way.  I’ll be drawn back next year….