Divine Interception

Smelled smoke…Fire alarm went off….Quickly exited our home…Fire Dept. came…No fire, no source…Smoke detector on its last leg…A badly, twisted dryer hose was found. (It would have eventually caused a fire.) …Coincidence?… I think not.

One Girl Only

Taught “Girls Only” group Wednesday night.  One of girl made it out.  We had some fun girl chat and I had the opportunity to get to know her a bit better.  Topic of discussion: “Lies You Believe About Yourself”.  Insightful look at why teen girls, buy into Barbie-like standards that are set up for them, by our society.  Got a fresh new look at the book of Genesis.  The author brings out the fact that Eve was actually enticed by the sight of the apple and how girls are tempted to put value on our appearance, ahead of our inward beauty.  Performance driven approval was also covered.  Chatted about the relentlessly pressure put on teens by parents and society to achieve at the top of their class.  This is very commonplace amongst teenagers now, more than ever before.   The book suggests that the kids write a letter or talk with their parents about these struggles and that they take a close look at the truth:  Lie # 7:  Beautiful girls are worth more.  The Truth: What you believe about beauty is determined by where you look. (1 Peter 3:3-4) .  Lie # 8: I have to perform to be loved and accepted.  The Truth: Your value is not determined by what you do, but how God views you. ( Ephesians 1:4) and Your good works are to glorify God , not yourself. (1 Corinthians 10:31: James 2:12-18)  Good words to reflect on…