Charming Charleston

A quaint and historical city.  A true gem of the south.  Surprisingly, it was not rated one of the cleanest cities in the nation.  Never, ever seen such perfectly kept,  houses for such a large area.   Miles and miles of perfect, pastel homes and spotless streets.  Very upper crust, college town.  We experienced all the city had to offer:  Southern fare – Shrimp and grits,  The History – The Civil War / An education on slavery,Boone Plantation, Folly Beach, Pirates, and Fort Sumner (Where the Civil War started).  Met a few cousins for the first time.  The one named Ce Ce (after my Mother), looked and acted uncannily  like her!!  Oddly enough, my mother was named after her aunt Cecelia.  I also met with my father’s friend, Skip Johnson whom he had not seen in years. The man and his wife are a bright and shinning example of what a southern couple should be. Very kind, congenial and kicked back.  We had a laughter – filled visit.  He gave us both (my father and I), a copy of one of his books.   It’s about Jesus’ life…”Yeshua” something.   Have to check it out when I find time.

   Boone Mansion – One of the many southern homes used as a prototype for, Scarlett O’Harra’s beloved, “Tara.”

Rainbow Row Rainbow Row  

     Pirate haunt.

   Folly Beach – Me and Mr. Jones