Darth Vader Bear

Lots O Bears.   Our very first trip to, Build a Bear Workshop.  The mecca of stuffed bears.  Home to Darth Vader Bear and Obi Wan Kanobie Bear.   Hannah Montana Bear and all of The Disney Princess Bears were present.  Biker Bear was so last year.   A sweet little Italian friend of my daughters’, requested her presence at this party location.   The bear skin (or other animal type) is picked, hand stuffed (via,”stuffing machine”), sewed up and “washed” by the owner in a pretend shower.  Then.. the moment the miniature party goers have been up all night anticipating……COSTUME TIME!  SO many costumes.    First a plethora of  tiny bows to choose from is provided and is guaranteed to fit over those precious fake ears.  Next a child hand picks her or his favorite colored shirt. ( The Little Girl’s Book of Rules page 249 clearly states: Bows and outfits must match at all times.).  Lastly, the “birth certificate” is printed.  (Just in case the citizenship of the bear is in questioned or he is held up in customs, on one of his international jaunts.)    Lastly, the birthday child gets a rousing, traditional rendition sang to her / him of,”Happy, Happy Birthday”, (Think of the restaurant version) sung by the enthusiastic, clapping bear consultants. A group photo of the party is taken.  Finally, the custom-made friends get to escape in a nice sized “house”, impersonating a cardboard box.   Clutching tightly to their boxes, the small, satisfied faces meandered out to the mall entrance.   A positive experience, was had by all.