The Oldest Zoo in the Country

Any guesses?  The answer is… Philadelphia.  Bet you were right.  On the way to Phillytown, we made a pit stop at Wendy’s.  Three rather large men in military garb found their way in front of us.  As I was being completely intrigued  by the,”new” cammy outfits,(pattern has now gone digital, looking strikingly similar to interlocked legos / tetris), I noticed a bar code tattooed across one of their necks.  Hmmm…What could this symbolize?  Does the soldier feel like a product, to be used and taken advantage of by the government?  Does he have an unhealthy fixation to emulate G.I. Joe?  The question still remains….Wanted to ask but, common sense and good manners slapped my thinking back into zoo mode.

Upon arrival, the oversized black iron gates welcomed us in.   After we were given a tiny square map we arrived at the first stop – Monkeys / Rainforest.  Bluish furry faced, small monkeys were the happiest, as they bounced about.  In the next cage, one large orange orangutan looked fatally depressed.  Poor guy.  Little info cards were handed out on how to save the rain forest in Borneo.  One solution was given – boycott palm oil.  Great idea!  Who needs it anyway?  A few of  the forbidden products were encased within a plastic, clear box.  Lets’ see..Animal crackers, cookies… Oh, no….It can’t be.  A Hersey’s chocolate bar!  My very favorite chocolate and one of the largest food companies in the world.   There has got to be another solution.  Let’s find a nice island to plant those trees on.  Pretty please?   Let’s see…Who here is willing to give up Hersey’s chocolate forever?  Raise your hands…

Quick bathroom pit stop.  A dilemma arose when I realize can see the details of my hand through the air like toilet paper.  Well, four layers on the germ infested place of seating will work, oppose to the usual two. Phobic?  Well…just a little.  Early after dropping my phone, a girl accidentally kicks it and continues to glide on by. Well, we meet up in the gals room and she just glares at me.  Not feeling the,”love” in,”The City of Brotherly Love.”  This vibe is well confirmed after zoo goers freely and continually walk in front of us, as we desperately try to take a family picture.  The Northeast…. Truly, this place is woven into the fiber of my being and I couldn’t be happier living anywhere else in the world.  Italy….hmmmm…On second thought..

The,” Channel 6″ air balloon was present but, grounded.  Happiest news crew around.  Two words that makes Channel 6  a pleasant viewing experience: Matt O’Donnell.

Many types of big cats.  One species of  leopard has but forty-nine others just like it in the world.  Some bizarre black and white stripped thing looking like a giraffe, would not turn around during his hay snack. Freakish as freakish could be.

Lego exhibits were at many of the animal stops. Penguins and a ridiculous mammoth polar bear.  The engineer just used a sketch and his imagination to complete these detailed works of art. Not a single computer was used in his creations.  The bear contained 95,000 legos!   This zoo exclusively houses Lego, animal creations.  Other zoos are hawking for a chance to get at them.

The dreaded gift shop visit….My daughter goes directly to the small item she wants and buys it.  My son….We just couldn’t swing that $200 stuffed polar bear.  I tried my best to comfort him and lead him to another gift.  No use.  Oh well, memories is what matters.  Mementos may get lost or fall apart. ( Like our brain cells at the end of a 12 hr day. ) A trip to Dave and Buster’s quickly diverted his attention and he hit the jackpot, obtaining 1000 points off of some giant blinking machine. (looked like the bonus round spinner from,”The Price is Right”)  Two-thousand points later, he won two stuffed animals, then all was well in Philly.

One of forty-nine, of its kind.